Whether you are a first-timer or a regular graphic design solution seeker,
your Head Start Design experience will be unlike any other. Here's why:

At Head Start Design, we can't offer you a logo within 24 hours or instantaneous website construction. And we're proud of that fact. We understand that the process is simply not that quick and easy. Rather than give our client’s “customized” versions of pre-conceived templates, we dedicate our full time and attention to each customer, treating it like what it really is – an opportunity to express a unique and individual idea. So don’t expect to settle for a hastily-made product. Instead, expect us to take as much time and effort as is necessary to ensure that you are 100-percent satisfied that the final solution exactly matches the vision you had in mind – nothing less.

Most other major "custom" graphic or web design companies start by asking you to fill out a pre-defined questionnaire about the solution you desire. The reality is that true customized design simply does not work that way. It takes flexibility, where the questions the designer should be asking are tailored specifically to your project, your business, your vision – not where the questions come from a standardized survey. It takes personal interaction - via e-mail, telephone, even face-to-face if possible - for the graphic designer to get a meaningful grasp of what our client seeks. So with Head Start Design, you don't encounter any generic questionnaires or automated phone lines - just genuine, quick personal service, every time.

Since when does a digital solutions company have to advertize such features as, “100% satisfaction guarantee!” or, “Order a logo today and receive a business card layout at 50 percent off!” or, “Get a sixth page on your website free when you order a 5-page site!”? With Head Start Design, all of these things, and much more, come standard. You can expect these services. We understand that when you want a website, that’s exactly what you want, regardless of the number of pages you have. That’s why we offer complete, comprehensive, customized website design for any number of pages up to fifteen, for one flat rate. Or when we create a logo with you, you can rest assured that we will provide versions compatible with any medium you can think of – shirts, business cards, stationery, even coffee mugs – free of charge. And regardless of our service, we guarantee you’ll be completely satisfied with your product and the entire solutions development process.

So whether you need a new corporate logo, your upcoming event needs brochures or flyers, you want to create a new website, or if you simply want an original and refreshingly personal graphic design solution, give your company a head start over the competition.

Head Start Complete Graphic Design Solutions.
One-hundred percent customized. Every time.
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